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The Dogs...Barking

The Dogs...Barking

The gripping coming-of-age story of Jason Kelly: the demons his upbringing in a backwater Mexican border town in the 1950s instills in him, his desperate search for fulfillment, and his one consistent solace, Kathryn.

As he grows into a young man, he first must navigate the wild-eyed idealism of university life in the '60s. Then, his odyssey takes him to the raw, frenetic power of New York City to pursue an acting career and the fame that he hopes might quiet the fiends that torment him. Never forgotten is the soothing comfort of Kathryn.

To his astonishment, he finally finds the answer he seeks in the home he had abandoned, and the lonely howl of the dogs that once serenaded him to sleep.


"Anyone who grew up on the Mexican border will relate to this book immediately. Those who have not will find a wonderfully descriptive story of life on the border, which is unlike any other in the United States. As the main character, Jason, grows up and leaves to follow his dreams in New York City, the story takes a darker turn. I found this book very compelling. It's hard to put down. I highly recommend it."

"This was a great book! I could hardly put it down! Loved it."


"What an interesting and unusual novel. From the start you are aware what is going to happen but it does not detract from enjoying the book. I must admit I found it quite sad in parts and I am sure there are a lot of people who can identify with Jason (the main character) and all of his self doubt and demons. It was refreshing to read such a well written book. I found it quite thought provoking. Highly recommended."

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