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Song For The Forsaken

Song for the Forsaken

Returning home to Appalachia from her time in the hospice during her mother’s last few months of life, Mandy MacDaniel brings with her a horrible secret. Having grown up with an alcoholic, frustrated poet father and a mother lost in her own religious world, the only solace in her life is the little sister she raised from birth. But it was the impenetrable faith in their religion that was the foundation of their bond; a faith Mandy has lost and a deed she has committed that goes against all its teachings.


Can the bi-racial caregiver Mandy once knew as a child who mysteriously disappeared and has now returned heal the rift between the two sisters?

Will Mandy’s hellfire and damnation preacher grandfather allow her to try?


The final explosive confrontation between the two sisters will determine all. Can one maintain one’s faith in light of such suffering and injustice in the world? Can a relationship persist when one is torn between loyalty to one’s religious beliefs and love of the person who has been sister, mother-figure, sage and counselor but who has now renounced her faith? All is revealed in “Song For The Forsaken”.


"I really enjoyed this book. The plot and characters are very good. I liked the way the story is told from different perspectives. It was interesting to read about how "Moonshine" is made! This is a story of love, hate, loss, religion and hope, set in the Appalachian Mountains. I really like the cover and the title of the book. Yet again a great book from Jan and I can't wait till his next one comes out!"

Amy's Bookshelf Review

4 Stars - A Great Story

Jan Notzon writes a dramatic family tale with Song for the Forsaken. I am a big fan of Jan Notzon and whatever this author writes, I want to read. . This author has a grand imagination, and talent for showing the story. A story about family, and family secrets and rifts. The reader is introduced to Mandy MacDaniel, who, herself has her own secrets, but she needs to deal with her family and its problems. She has faith in God and her religion, and hopes that is can bring back the bond it once created. She knows she is losing faith, and probably family and decides to change her path of life. 

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Amy's 4 Star Review
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