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Jan Notzon, Author


Jan Notzon is a novelist and playwright who has made Charlotte, NC his home since 1994.

Jan’s most recent work is entitled Only the Dead (Know the End of War), a story of three families, two Mexican and one Anglo as they experience the sanguinary establishments of the Mexican and Texas republics. His penultimate novel is Suffer Not the Mole People, chronicling the lives and immigration of a Polish family to Texas in the 19th century. He has also penned Song for the Forsaken, the story of a young mountain woman’s fight to make sense of a life of constant deprivation and heartache and overcome the loss of faith that has estranged her from the little sister she raised from birth. His third novel is called The Id Paradox, which traces a young man’s battle to rescue a bosom friend from the horrors of a Mexican prison, and then from the nightmare of spiritual annihilation. His second novel, And Ye Shall Be As Gods, recounts a brother’s fight to rescue his beloved sister from the clutches of despair and his lost love from the prison of catatonia. His first work, The Dogs...Barking, is a coming-of-age story set in a sleepy backwater Texas border town in the 1950s, through the dislocation of university life in the ’60s and on to the raw frenetic power of New York City as he learns to overcome the demons his upbringing has instilled in him.

He has also written seven full-length plays, a one-act, The Forsaken, which was produced in two different venues in New York City. His play The Cosmological Constant was workshopped and presented as a staged reading at Actors’ Theatre in Charlotte, NC by the Applebox Production Company. His play When Good Men Do Nothing was a finalist in the Dramarama Competition in San Francisco. He has also written one children’s story, The Gift of Arbol Ceiba.

Jan has also worked as an actor, appearing on Matlock, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and, most recently, in Beverly Lewis’ The Confession on The Hallmark Channel, a work directed by Michael Landon Jr., with Adrian Paul and Sherry Stringfield.

Read Jan's interview with New Reader Magazine

Jan Notzon

As a writer, my chief ambition is to simultaneously touch your heart and stimulate your mind.


First and foremost, I want to tell a compelling story, full of all the thoughts and emotions that make us who we are: the ambitions, the regrets, the love and the hate, the fractured dreams and those fulfilled in a way we never expected.


All of us are on a journey. And so my characters struggle through disappointments, laugh with joy at the many absurdities life throws at us, and above all, learn and grow. It is my fondest wish that their conquests and their travails may ease your own passage and lighten your burdens.    

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

~ Jan Notzon



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