Song for the Forsaken

Returning home to Appalachia from her time in the hospice during her mother’s last few months of life, Mandy MacDaniel brings with her a horrible secret. Having grown up with an alcoholic, frustrated poet father and a mother lost in her own religious world, the only solace in her life is the little sister she raised from birth. But it was the impenetrable faith in their religion that was the foundation of their bond; a faith Mandy has lost and a deed she has committed that goes against all its teachings.


Can the bi-racial caregiver Mandy once knew as a child who mysteriously disappeared and has now returned heal the rift between the two sisters?

Will Mandy’s hellfire and damnation preacher grandfather allow her to try?


The final explosive confrontation between the two sisters will determine all. Can one maintain one’s faith in light of such suffering and injustice in the world? Can a relationship persist when one is torn between loyalty to one’s religious beliefs and love of the person who has been sister, mother-figure, sage and counselor but who has now renounced her faith? All is revealed in “Song For The Forsaken”.

"I really enjoyed this book. The plot and characters are very good. I liked the way the story is told from different perspectives. It was interesting to read about how "Moonshine" is made! This is a story of love, hate, loss, religion and hope, set in the Appalachian Mountains. I really like the cover and the title of the book. Yet again a great book from Jan and I can't wait till his next one comes out!"

The Id Paradox

After disastrous experiences as a lawyer and then as a teacher, Jake Kazmareck tries to hide out from the world in a job picking melons on a farm in the wilds of south Texas.


An estranged friend, Connors, tracks him down with news that their mutual bosom buddy, Artie, is not dead as they both believed, but rotting in a Mexican prison. The stage is set for Artie’s rescue.


Jake, Connors and Artie’s friendship was forged years earlier, during an almost fatal canoe trip in which only Artie’s genius for survival kept them alive. That brush with death unleashed a primitive beast in Jake that has never stopped plaguing him.


The prison rescue is successful, but Artie’s experiences in captivity have destroyed his spirit. Jake and Connors immediately enlist the help of psychiatrist Judith Neuwirth to try to piece together Artie’s shattered self.


In the process, Jake is again confronted by the beast in himself. Will he learn to accommodate it, or will it destroy him?

"Brilliant. An intelligent, thought provoking book. The plot and characters are fantastic. This is a gripping read, powerful and at times very sad. I was sorry when it came to an end. Another amazing book from Jan. Highly Recommended."

"This compelling story is a must read! Interesting characters caught up in an incredible, dangerous adventure. I couldn't put the book down!"

"Fabulous book!!! Kept my attention throughout."

"Written in a poetic way with a flawless description of the scenery and activities as they occur, the book can easily hold the readers’ attention in an addictive way by making you to feel at home with the thought process of the main character. The Id Paradox is packed with suspense, emotion and actions to keep one entertained and flipping through the pages till the very last!"

And Ye Shall Be as Gods

Who is responsible?

In his quest to find the author of his beloved little-sister's retreat from the world into darkness and despair, Jacob Kazmareck must confront evils past and present.

From his abandoned career as a public defender, to teaching high school in the wilds of the South Bronx, he finally finds his way home to the border city of his youth. There, he discovers a curious connection between the devils that hound his dear sister and his lost love.

In one final gut-wrenching episode of self-discovery, he finds the evil he seeks in a most unexpected and astonishing place.

"A haunting book with a story that makes the reader examine his or her own life as well as the life of the protagonist. The book is about a man, the trauma his sister is going through and his way of helping her. It is also about the man's love interest and her secret. All things are woven together in a delicious story."

The Dogs...Barking

The gripping coming-of-age story of Jason Kelly: the demons his upbringing in a backwater Mexican border town in the 1950s instills in him, his desperate search for fulfillment, and his one consistent solace, Kathryn.

As he grows into a young man, he first must navigate the wild-eyed idealism of university life in the '60s. Then, his odyssey takes him to the raw, frenetic power of New York City to pursue an acting career and the fame that he hopes might quiet the fiends that torment him. Never forgotten is the soothing comfort of Kathryn.

To his astonishment, he finally finds the answer he seeks in the home he had abandoned, and the lonely howl of the dogs that once serenaded him to sleep.

"Anyone who grew up on the Mexican border will relate to this book immediately. Those who have not will find a wonderfully descriptive story of life on the border, which is unlike any other in the United States. As the main character, Jason, grows up and leaves to follow his dreams in New York City, the story takes a darker turn. I found this book very compelling. It's hard to put down. I highly recommend it."

"This was a great book! I could hardly put it down! Loved it."


"What an interesting and unusual novel. From the start you are aware what is going to happen but it does not detract from enjoying the book. I must admit I found it quite sad in parts and I am sure there are a lot of people who can identify with Jason (the main character) and all of his self doubt and demons. It was refreshing to read such a well written book. I found it quite thought provoking. Highly recommended."


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